Deknatel Seddon & Associates conducts strategic IT assessments for small and medium-sized businesses. 

Our approach is to conduct interviews with key business managers and IT professionals to assess current IT-related processes, procedures, and decision-making mechanisms against a framework of generally recommended IT industry practices (e.g., as described in the ITIL® (formerly the IT Infrastructure Library) framework, or in the Control Objectives for IT (COBIT®) 5.0 framework.

Assessments and System Selection

Project and Risk Management


Manage and direct your IT resources better while selecting and implementing IT systems and related business processes that are aligned with your core business strategies, by using our versatile services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Effective implementation of an IT systems improvement strategy starts with commitment and support from the top, strengthened and simplified with our first-class project management and 
risk  management.

We assist our clients to select IT outsourcing services, including defining the roles, responsibilities and expectations in third-party agreements and Statements of Work and conducting term-of-contract cost analyses and projections.

We help organizations answer these questions:

  • Does the organization have procedures and practices to manage the current IT investment effectively and efficiently?

  • Has the organization identified new IT systems it wants to implement

  • Does the organization understand how these systems support the business strategy? 

  • Does the organization have the IT resources and capabilities needed to effectively to implement new IT systems?

  • Is the organization using the current IT systems productively and safely?

  • What capabilities does the organization have to put into place to successfully implement the IT strategy?

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