About our Founders

John Seddon and Jane Deknatel founded Deknatel Seddon & Associates in Los Angeles in 1996. John had been a senior manager in the banking and financial services practice at KPMG Consulting, and Jane had been an executive in the entertainment industry. 

John left Deknatel Seddon & Associates in 2002 to become a senior vice president at Washington Mutual and then managing director at KPMG LLP. He rejoined the company in 2006.

Founder, Risk Management in Venice, CA

John has experience in operational and information technology risk assessment for banks, IT controls implementation, business resumption planning, and third-party service provider controls reviews for banks, thrifts, mortgage lending companies, insurance companies, and brokerage and investment firms. In addition, he has managed and conducted annual IT audits, Internet penetration assessments, and firewall audits, developed and tested disaster recovery plans, and managed a bank IT Compliance Department.

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